Cotton Candy and Pizza ?!?

Have you ever been totally consumed by the anxiety of a task even though you know that things will be ok? Well that's how things were the day before the 2016 Motor City Pizza Fest. I just knew that I would forget to pack something, we would be running late, or that on the way to the event my car would get stuck behind a herd of buffalo (this happens all the time in Metro Detroit areas right?)

Well the day finally arrives.......

OMG! We had so much fun!!!! Well... we did get stuck in traffic and I did drop a cone or two, but it was all love, fun, sugar and pizza! Everyone at the Motor City Pizza Feast was awesome!!! We almost sold out!!!! Thank you Bill for having us and we can't wait to join your next adventure.

Special shout out to Ms Noodle Her cleanup skills are extraordinary

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